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Nicole Anderson

Impinge have excellent developers. I HIGHLY recommend working with them. They have excellent developers. i have recommend working with them. They have excellent skills and many different areas. Perhaps most importantly are their communication skills. They always understood my requests and always let me know if I was asking for something that would create unforeseen problems. An excellent additions on any project.

Nicole AndersonOur Client
Bharat Jilka

I had added Aman as an extra resource and he did a satisfactory job.

Bharat JilkaOTA Update Developer
Ross MacDonald

Aman is an excellent member to have you your team.

Ross MacDonaldTemplate Engineering Ph2
Dimitris Rakopoulos

Amit and Impinge developers developed a great solution for us. He has willing to help us with any problem we faced. He even made all additions without a problem. very cooperative and skilled. Highly recommended.

Dimitris RakopoulosQuiz module for Kentico CMS
Kimberly Eldredge

I feel that Amit and Impinge team is a talented programmer, however, my project was too advanced for his skills.

Kimberly EldredgeWebsite merge
Everton Heron

He is a pleasant guy to work with. I will definately continue to use him again. He makes sure that the project is completed correctly and everyone is happy.

Everton HeronTMSDC Fixes
Louis Pelletier

Learned a new development environment quickly. We are happy to continue using Kumar for our future development projects.

Louis PelletierIntersystems Web Developers
Floris Foque

Amita and Impinge developers is hard working and excellent for implementing code. For complex architecture he needs to work on his design skills and creativity. Overall I liked working with him.

Floris FoqueCAT Block
Dennis Jones

Impinge team was very reliable and understood work very well. Overall I would reccomend this programmer again. Thanks for everything.

Dennis JonesEgrets - Programming Data Tables
Travis Rodgers

Amrinder did a great job and we will hire him again for sure...

Travis RodgersUser interface designer
Jijesh Devan

The Impinge team did a good job and I will gladly use them for future projects. I wish them the very best success.

Jijesh DevanCreate front end Web Desing
Peter Nelson

Great work all round - thanks very much!

Peter NelsonTAK! - Cube Cart customization
Oren Teich

Really liked Impinge developers. I'm in California, so our working times didn't overlap very well, but other than that I was extremely pleased with his output.

Oren TeichVirtualization Management RIA Front End
Steve Prescott

Ankit is a skilled freelancer but can come across abrupt sometimes when discussing the project. I will however use him again for his skill set but from the 2 jobs I have already completed lessons have been learned. You need to agree set milestones prior to the job being started so we fully understand both parties expectations.

Steve PrescottiOS App revisions
Miguel Pieter

Very good contractor.......

Miguel PieterNYC TLC Service & Security Corp
bruce hart

Arshdeep has been the team lead and project manager for my company web product Klik Jamaica. Working with Arshdeep is a pleasure as he is extremely thorough and an excellent communicator. Arshdeep is very methodical and exacting in solving problems and weighs each issue before jumping to a conclusion. He is very reliable and i hope to continue working with him for a long time.

bruce hartKlikJamaica
Robain de Jong

Ashu is an absolutely great guy, and working with him feels as if you are in the same office. Really. He is involved, helpful and takes ownership of the project. Also, no matter how difficult the issue is, he always comes up with a solution. If I hire another guy again, it will surely be Ashu!!

Robain de JongAsomaTV Multimedia S.L.
Robain de Jong

Ankur has been a very understanding and responsive employee. He wants to solve the issue and comes up with alternative solutions. He cares about the end-result and is willing to go the extra mile to get to the end-result. One way or another. Ankur is very capable of solving extremely complex issues and translating generic concepts into practical solutions. I would love to work with Ankur again, as you know that he will get you the job done.

Robain de JongAsomaTV Multimedia S.L.
Sunija Rishi

Great job done by the team for both Android and iPhone; the development was withing the time line and the developers adapted to change very well.

Sunija RishiiPhone and Android xmpp Client
Marwan Semaan

Baljit did a great work Baljit is very professional in his work, focused and dedicated to deliver. I recommend Baljit

Marwan SemaanWermWare
Cuneyt Korkmaz

That was a qualification project for our main project. Thank you for your detailed solution. We hope we will have a long-term co-operation with you. Regards

Cuneyt KorkmazTest/Demo Application for main project
Graham Cruishanks

We have built a a very complex iPhone application. I’ve completed some very complex work with the help of Impinge Solutions, used main different aspects of the iPhone SDK – StoreKit, GPS, Table Views (All widgets), CoreData, Core Animation, CoreGraphic and so on. Impinge has met these challenges head on and delivered consistently.Communication via Skype has been excellent, and he has taken my specifications and interpreted these into good quality, crash free code.I’ll be hiring him again soon.

Graham CruishanksOur Client
LA Inc

Impinge was great to work with, they were very professional and knowledgeable. Always available and worked diligently to fix some of the bugs we encountered. The project did take a little longer than expected but it was handled with the utmost professionalism. I would recommend Impinge to anyone that requires php programming.

LA IncOur Client
BranderSon Group

The whole impinge crew are great. Not only is their work very good, when we needed more help they actually managed the team and assigned the tasks so that everyone was in sync. I would highly recommend Impinge.

BranderSon GroupOur Client

As always, excellent quality of work and professional treatment. Highly recommended!


I would hireImpinge Solutions again in a heartbeat, they did a great job and were a pleasure to work with!

HoofablesgearCarolyn Evans

Job well done. On time, on budget, good product.

MtheinzMark Heinz

Great job and I would rehire again.

DsmolinskDenny Smolinski

was very accommodating when an issue came up complicating what we were having fixed, and put in the extra time to correct it at no additional cost to us.


Dinesh was hard working and dilligent his communication was excellent as was his english. Pleasure working with him this was the second time I had worked with him and hope to work with him in the future. Good Job

Michael Myles

Fantastic work, ahead of schedule. I will be hiring him and his team, again.

Nolan Schaefer

Good contractor. clarity about design skills or familiarity with my specific project subject was needed. Was my first project so I take small responsibility. Overall satisfied with the project, paid much more than I originally thought. but there was changes made as well. thank you

Nolan SchaeferHockey Game App
Christie Balistrieri

Hi Rakesh, Thank you for all your hard work! Best

Christie BalistrieriThrowing Object Game
Parminder Sangha

Excellent work. Completed iPhone app successfully and under budget. Highly

Parminder SanghaiPhone App Trivia
Barry Latimer

Anil was a very competent developer and we would recommend him in the future

Barry LatimerCraving Converter
Christie Balistrieri

Thanks Vijay! Really happy with how the game turned out. We may do some updates to the game in the future and if so will be in touch with you! Thanks for your hard work. Best, Christie

Christie BalistrieriCollection Game
Matthew Fermin

Rakesh is very good! It's been good working with him because he's very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to program an iOS app.

Matthew FerminMF Ads
Dainis Matison

Great contractor. Developed the exact app as we had envisioned. Also gave additional ideas to improve the final product. Look forward to working with them on future projects.

Dainis MatisonCecelia's Marketplace
Brian Hall

Company was reponsive which is VERY important to us-we ended up doing the function off-line, so we really didn't get to work through this project.

Brian HallBrian Hall, Inc.