Rooftop Runner

Quickly jump from rooftop to rooftop in this fast-paced, insanely addictive endless runner game!

Experience thrill and excitement as the speeds get faster and faster in the newest trending game: Rooftop Runner!

Mind the gap!


You can’t play just one round! Once you fall, you’ll rush to play again!

Tap your screen to jump, build on your hand eye coordination… and run like a pro!


• Enjoy crisp, colorful, and vibrant graphics that take advantage of the Retina Display
• Listen to electronic background music that makes the game even more energizing
• Smooth gameplay, with easy “tap to jump” controls
• Check out high scores to compete with your friends to see who can run the longest!

Download this game. You’ll be entertained for hours!

How long can YOU last jumping from rooftop to rooftop?

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