Cheer and jeer your favorite sports team on Oleboo, the game within a game. Oleboo covers all major sporting events including MLB, College Football, NFL, NHL, English Premiership, Champions League, Liga, and much more.

Get your friends together and meet other sports fans on Oleboo – trash-talk, have fun, earn points and win awards, medals, and more. Earn bragging rights as the MVP of your favorite Oleboo game!

Integration with Facebook through Facebook connect. You must have a Facebook account to use Oleboo.

Oleboo Key Features include:

-Ole (cheer) and Boo (jeer) your favorite teams in real time during the event itself, no matter where you are watching it – at the stadium, at home, or at your favorite local watering hole.
-Become part of the action, and see what other fans are thinking on Oleboo and Twitter with our exclusive “Crowdnoise” and “Twitternoise” features.
-Share your thoughts and commentary with friends on Facebook & Twitter (optional).
-See the leaderboard for current and past games. Find out who past winners were, and see your overall rank.
-Check out your medal count from your phone. MVP awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal levels.

Oleboo Gameplay

-Each player is given 4 “shouts” to use to ole or boo and score points. Each shout refreshes after 5 minutes.
– Before the sporting event starts, you get one point for each ole (cheer) or boo (jeer).
-During the course of the sporting event, ole (cheer) or boo (jeer) a team and get 3 points.
oWhen other friends or fans Ole or Boo within 60 seconds, you get 2 points for each of their actions as well.
oPoints add up quickly, so get your friends to join and help you multiply your points exponentially!
-At the end of the game, the person with the most points is awarded MVP!
oOther awards include Bronze, Silver and Gold medals


-In rare instances people who are awarded MVP report a sudden increase in ego and trash-talking. It is not possible to determine whether these events are directly linked to their use of Oleboo. Our recommendation? If you experience a sudden increase in ego as a result of your awesome OLEBOO award, enjoy it!!

OLEBOO – what the heck does that mean, anyway?

-What’s in the name? We here at Oleboo like the idea of sports as the great connector between different people and cultures. We are passionate about sports, we “boo” the teams we don’t like, and “ole” the teams we do! To be part of the oleboo experience is easy: install the app, watch your favorite sporting event, and broadcast your emotions about the game with friends and other fans worldwide. Connect, express, react, enjoy.

Use oleboo from your computer at www.oleboo.com

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