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This application is base on New York City Livery Cabs & Yellow Taxis experience. The system is the most complete system in the world. NYC TLC Service & Security Corp. would provided you a complete installation of the dispatching system for free. Please email Miguel Pieter at for a complete installation package to all your drivers.

1- Application would receive dispatched call from the dispatching system and will be able to assign a job automatically to the nearest driver. Software can be also customized to your needs.

2- Clients can download the application for all Android, Apple and (Blackberry & Window Mobile coming summer 2014) devises and request driver directly through the dispatching system. Yes! the system will receive the secured request from your business clients or individuals and automatically submit the job to all available drivers. This system is in complete compliance with New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. The system has Auto Dispatcher and Auto Pilot for drivers not to touch the tables or any other mobile device while driving, that can help your company’s financial security, help all your drivers avoid accidents while operating a the equipment, and keep them putting attention to the road. Accepting a trip is a one touch button if driver decides to manually accept jobs, this is a legal way for drivers to accept a job as mentioned by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Commissioner.

Business clients and individual can request Livery Cabs or Yellow Taxis using our website. Please visit out page for more detail:

3- System will verify driver status every 24 hours with The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission’s public database:

a) TLC Driver’s license Status
b) Urine Test Expiration
c) Suspensions and Revocations
d) Violations
e) Pending Hearings and More…

4- System would verify vehicle status:
a) Diamond Number Expiration
b) Inspection Status
c) Suspensions and Revocations

This features were added as per request of our clients and friends in the market to protect the business from law suits against unlicensed drivers.

NYC TLC Service & Security Corp. D.B.A / El Coronel Two Communications would provide the following to all your drivers:

We will partner with several technician around the tri-state area to better service our clients.

1- Secured Installations of mounted tables, car chargers, table holders (3 kinds depending on vehicles).
2- Complete inspection of TLC required equipment for all driver free of charge.
3- Provide the drivers a table free of charge. Monthly Service Required and Security Deposit Refundable.
4- Complete free labor for repairs on any of the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Equipment:
a) Security Camera
b) Trouble Lights
c) Bill of Rights
d) Signal Lights
e) Headlights
f) Free Radio Check
g) Free Repair Labor for Radios
h) 24 Hours Support free…!

There is much more information about our system. Please call us for details or visit our website:

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