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Developing Role of Social Media in E-Commerce

Social Media in E-Commerce

E-commerce and social media are closely enmeshed in our daily routines. Now you need to note it, that if it is this much in current times, it will be tenfold in the near future. 

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How Visual Search Transform Online Shopping

Visual Search Online Shopping

Visual content is starting to infiltrate traditionally text-based search, mainly when it comes to online shopping. According to the current study by eMarketer, more than 72% of the U.S internet users continuously or even often search for the visual content before making a final purchase. 

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How to Update your Website for Success

Website for Success

With the buyer behavior becoming more attentive on performing the most diligent research before making the buying decisions, having a website which presents your brand, services, and product is really important to achieve your growth goals.

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How to Keep Up with the Web Industry

Web Industry

It may feel impossible to stay in vogue with the latest information and news in the web industry. It appears like every week there are some new front-end frameworks, must have apps, new java scripts and a lot more. So how can one single person know everything?

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Instagram Testing on New Recommendations Feature to Upgrade the Content Discovery

Instagram New Feature

Instagram is on the go to test a new content discovery process while highlighting the posts from accounts that are identical to the ones you interact with and follow in the main feed.

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How to Cut on Web Development Costs

Web Development Costs

The most effective and the easiest way to control website costs is to have a very clear-cut objective and beginners knowledge of the web development practices and trends. This may need a little homework, but it is really better than wasting any unaccounted money and hours.

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WordPress or Medium – Which is better to Choose?

WordPress or Medium

Users often ask why they should use WordPress rather than other free blogging services like Tumblr, Ghost, and Blogger? Medium is one of the rapidly growing free blogging platforms which permits anyone to create stories and make their own personal space on the web. 

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Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

Convert Website Traffic into Leads

One of the most wonderful ways to monetize the internet web traffic is to convert them into leads and then advertise a service or product to them through email marketing or a follow-up phone call. This is also famous for inbound marketing. 

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Mobile and Desktop Advertising – Know the Strategy

Mobile and Desktop Advertising

It is important that you understand the difference between desktop and mobile advertising so that you can capture the advantages that every format has to offer. However, the fact is this that you need albeit for a variety of reasons.

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